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SGIS Librarians Meeting in Bern@ A Day of Learning, Sharing and Networking

On Friday November 2nd, a group of SGIS Librarians and Teacher-Librarians across Switzerland gathered at the International School of Berne (ISB) for professional learning, sharing the best practice and most importantly for networking! As many as 24 K-12 library professionals brought various issues related to collection development, book fair, author visit, ebook usage, Info. Lit implementation just to name but a few. We discuss about the SGIS own Golden Cowbell Award, and Battle of the Books future cooperation and collaboration and how to make them more meaningful within the SGIS (Swiss Group of International Schools).

As a new member of the SGIS and my role as an IASL Director of International Schools, it was a grand opportunity for me to meet many of the int'l school librarians in-person of whom many of them I know virtually. In the end, we spend sometime sharing the upcoming professional development opportunities in the form of seminar, workshop or conference. It was a pleasure of mine to learn about upcoming local PDs such as Learning 2.0 conference in Zurich and to share with them the upcoming IASL 2019 conference to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia during November 21-25. The invitation is well received and I look forward to meeting all of them if not many of them at #IASL 2019 Conference!!

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