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Current Projects​​

Academic Integrity and Copyright Literacy Instruction in K-12 [see details]

Selected Publications
Papers Published in Conference Proceedings
  • Hossain, Z., Çelik, Ö. & Hertel, C. (2022). The State of Academic Integrity Education and Policy Development in Primary and Secondary Schools in Europe: A Call for Action. In the Book of Abstract of the European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 2022 (pp. 189-194), Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (FMUP), Portugal.

  • Hossain, Z. (2021). Academic Integrity Literacy of Students at the Time of Enrollment in Postsecondary Courses: A Study of an Online University. In the Book of abstracts of European Conference on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism 2021 (pp. 33–37). Mendel University in Brno.​​

  • Hossain, Z. (2019). Status of Non-Government Secondary School Libraries in Bangladesh: A Survey. In J. L. Branch-Mueller (ed.), Proceedings of the 48th Annual Conference of the International Association of School Librarianship and the 23rd International Forum on Research in School Librarianship, (pp. 1-10). Edmonton, Canada: University of Alberta. DOI: 

  • Hossain, Z. (2018). The current situation of secondary school librarians in Bangladesh: A study. In IASL Annual Conference Proceedings. Retrieved from  

  • Hossain, Z. (2018). Towards advancement and accomplishment: My first IASL conference at CSULB. California School Library Association Journal (CSLA Journal-Winter edition), 12/2017.

  • Hossain, Z. (2018). Journey toward Learning Society: Possibilities and challenges of Viet Nam Libraries. In ATINER Conference Presentation Series No: LIB2016-0047, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece.

  • Hossain, Z. (2017). Professional Development via Facebook Group: Perception of School Librarians. In IASL Annual Conference Proceedings, pp. 143-157. Retrieved from 

  • Hossain, Z. (2014). Vietnam’s Libraries: A Potential Catalyst for Building a Learning Society. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society (ICOLIS 2014), Dept. of Library and Information Science, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Book Chapter
  • Hossain, Z. (2018). A TEACHER-LIBRARIAN WITH A MISSION OF CREATING INFORMATION LITERATE GLOBAL CITIZENS! (Chapter 14)In EFFECTIVE SCHOOL LIBRARIANSHIP Successful Professional Practices From Librarians Around The World (Vol. 2). Edited by Patrick Lo, Heather Rogers and Dickson K.W. Chiu. Apple Academic Press. []

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